The Sea of Cortez

Years ago, I was on a solo dive trip in the Sea of Cortez when one of the dive masters told me I swam like a mermaid. “It’s like you were born in the sea,” he said …

Sea of Cortez

… and I remember looking out at the rocks and thinking to myself, that if indeed I were a mermaid, “this is where I would want to live”—hence, the photo above. Oddly, when I was very young, I used to think the slight amount of webbing between my fingers and toes meant that I was a direct descendant of the ancient lost city of Atlantis, so much so that I became obsessed with all things ocean-related … the Bermuda Triangle, Neptune and Poseidon … Island of the Blue Dolphin became my favorite book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea my favorite movie, crab my favorite food, blue my favorite color and mermaids, my secret obsession.  Continue reading “The Sea of Cortez”

Do Oysters Really Produce Pearls? 5 interesting facts about the slimy little creatures

One in 280,000 people are struck by lightning each year—one in 10,000 oysters produce a pearl during their lifetime

If you love oysters and happen to live in a coastal town, you’re lucky—because naturally, you have a plethora of options when it comes to finding restaurants that specialize in serving the little bivalve. But what if you’re in landlocked Indianapolis? Where can you go to find a hearty supply of fresh-shucked oysters and the required accouterments? Continue reading “Do Oysters Really Produce Pearls? 5 interesting facts about the slimy little creatures”