Do You Know Your Omega-3 Levels?

A couple weeks ago I had my omega-3 level tested. I was speaking at the Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s Heart Healthy Summit in Indianapolis and myself, along with other SNP coalition members, presenters and guests had the opportunity to provide a “pin prick’s” amount of blood to be sent away and tested. I’d never had my omega-3 tested so I was kind of excited … finally, validation for all the seafood I eat! In all honesty, I half expected to get a phone call from the lab congratulating me … sort of like the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes … heck, maybe I’d even win something! I’ve never won anything in my life. Not even a token goldfish at the state fair. Not even a minuscule $2 lottery prize on a $3 ticket. Nada. (Yes, yes, I’ve won a lot of track races in my glory days, but I’m talking about winning something just because.)

Eat Seafood, Increase Your Omega 3 Level
I eat seafood at least four times a week. At least. (Really, just look at my IG posts.). It’s recommended—for optimum health and to reduce your risk if cardiovascular disease—that you eat seafood at least two times a week, and those that do, typically have an average and acceptable omega-3 level. Clearly, mine should register at awarding-winning levels. Yes? Well, yesterday, I got an email with my results. And I read them. And I reread them. I double checked the name … my name was misspelled but not so much to make me think I’d received the incorrect results. Yet, how could this be? My number was low-average. I wouldn’t be receiving a phone call. Nor would I be winning anything. Sigh.

As it turns out, omega 3 levels can be somewhat subjective … at least that’s what I’m gathering after the research I’ve done. Yes, if you eat a substantial amount of fatty fish, most likely you will have a good number. BUT, weight, genetics, gender and other factors can influence the absorption level. Hmmm …

Supplements Are Good—No Gross Fish Burps
So I’ve started taking omega-3 supplements. And I’m going to retest in five or six months. Stay tuned … in the meantime, I’m happy to be on the supplement “bandwagon” if you will. My kids don’t eat as much seafood as I do and now that I’m taking the pills, so are they. And that makes me happy.

FullSizeRender (47)
Photo with my pal, Elizabeth Edwards aka The School Nutrition Dietitian … and no, we’re not flipping you off … those are the fingers that got pricked for the omega-3 test | @theschoolnutritiondietitian

Want to get your omega-3 tested? It’s super easy. Just order a kit from OmegaQuant … and then drop me a line and let me know if you win anything ; ) Seriously, it’s important … and take your omega-3 supplements. There’re plenty of good ones on the market but I suggest Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil: they’re Made in the USA, certified sustainable by the MSC, have 4x more omega-3 than regular strength fish oil, and have a plethora of positive health benefits. AND for anyone worried about aftertaste or … I’ll just say it … the disgusting belch that one might expect to come after swallowing fish oil (sounds gross, I know), I can honestly tell you that it doesn’t happen. Really. It’s all good ; ) So eat your fish, and take your omega-3 supplements. Your heart will thank you. You’re welcome.

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