I hate the word “diet” … and to be clear, I don;t hate many things. Well, except maybe leopard seals. I mean I know they serve a purpose but they scare me. Like really, really scare me.

Anyway, the word “diet” makes a lot of people think about dieting, and quite frankly, I believe “diet” is more of a way of life, than a temporary fix. Alas, I named this page “diet” because this page is a chronicle of my temporary fix … a three-day juice cleanse.

I’ve tried cleanses before … spent way too much $$ thinking a pre-made, delivered to my front door, cleanse would be a great way to get my body (and mind) back on track. To be fair, I should note that in all honesty I’m not one to over indulge during the holidays, or vacations … but when a physical injury limits my mobility and I cannot run like I’m used to, well, I get out of sorts and tend to eat too much, drink too much, and wallow in my semi-depressed state. This last spring (2017) I injured myself and wasn’t able to run for weeks … I was on steroids and the drugs combined with my wallowing led me to gain 20 pounds. Ugh.

So now it’s fall (2017) and I’m re-injured. And I’m wallowing. And it sucks. So rather than drown in my self pity, I’ve decided to do what I can, even if I can’t run, and try a juice cleanse to sort of jump start my attitude back into full mermaid swing. If that makes sense. So here we go … this is day one …


Stay tuned …