I believe we should only consume fish (and shellfish) that are either raised by sustainable practices or wild-caught. And I won’t eat anything that’s been overfished or comes from a country or region or company that doesn’t follow sustainable practices. Here are a few articles I’ve written about sustainable fishing and the issues that coincide.

Salmon catchYears of over fishing and unsustainable practices have affected the salmon population world-wide … here’s an in depth look at what’s happened in Alaska’s Copper River and beyond. Read More.


I threw away a few pounds of fish when I discovered it was farm-raised in China. And part of me feel bad — because there are starving people in this world and fish from China is better than no fish at all. Or is it?  Read More.


What happens when farm-raised fish “escape” into the wild? Nothing good … find out and let me know what you think. Read More.