Sustainable Practices

I believe we should only consume seafood that’s either raised by sustainable practices or wild-caught—and BOTH wild and farm-raised seafood can be good …

I won’t try not to eat anything that’s been overfished or comes from a country or region or company that doesn’t follow sustainable practices. But it isn’t easy. There’s so much information floating around (pun intended), some good and some not so good, that it can be increasingly challenging to know what seafood is OK to eat and what’s not—even for a mermaid like me.

I’ve written a number of articles on various topics related to sustainable fishing practices  (you can read them by opening the “sustainablility” button in the menu above) as well as the emerging aquaculture industry and the health of our oceans. And while it’s all-consuming, for me, most people don’t have the time to investigate every single thing they eat … to find out where it’s from, if it was caught by sustainable methods or raised so.

Bottom line, Americans need to eat more seafood … so do it. JUST DO IT! And learn as you go along. That’s all any of us can do.