Do You Know What Sustainable Really Means?

The word “sustainable” is the latest buzzword in the food industry—be it for seafood or something else. Yet, its implications are much more than simply a trend. When talking about sustainable seafood, it’s important to understand the terminology refers to more than just the species: the geographical region from where the fish comes from and the way it’s caught or farmed are equally important. Many consumers believe any seafood that’s not endangered is OK to eat … and that it is, therefore sustainable because the future of the species isn’t in danger, theoretically at least. But that simply isn’t the case.
     To help decipher the sustainable seafood world, I talked with Mark Palicki, Vice President of Marketing for Fortune Fish & Gourmet, the Midwest’s premier fresh and frozen seafood processor and specialty food distributor servicing fine restaurants, hotels, country clubs and grocers throughout the region. Note, portions of this article were this article was originally published on Continue reading “Do You Know What Sustainable Really Means?”