All my “reviews” (if that’s what you want to call them) are less than five-minute reads focused on the places I’ve been that center around the oceans, rivers and lakes that make up this beautiful world of ours … while none of these reviews are meant to describe in detail the places I’ve been, they do give you a general overview as well as tell you where to run (cause this mermaid is the running kind) and where to eat.

IMG_0033Key Largo … where you can literally hang out on the edge of the world. Read More.


AmeliaAmelia Island … the southern most island in the Sea Island chain that runs along the FLA/GA coastline. Read More.


IMG_3814 (1)Oregon’s Blue Pool … and the most amazing hike in the Pacific Northwest. Read More. 

the breakersPalm Beach, Florida and The Breakers luxury hotel. Read More.

800px-Daytona_Beach,_Florida_(4783857222)Daytona Beach … where fast cars and fast waves collide. Read More. 

IMG_6600Destin, Florida—the one place where the Midwest loves to travel for spring break. Read More.


Hilton HeadHilton Head Island, South Carolina … all the best stops along your drive from the Midwest to the island. Read More.


Clearwater, Florida … where mermaids, families and spring breakers collide for fun in the sun. Read More.


IMG_6546St. Joseph, Michigan … not the ocean, but darn near close (minus the saltwater, of course. Read More.